October 2020, New Super Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Series KTZ-50X, KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X

New Super Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Series KTZ-50X, KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X from Koshin Ltd. Japan

•Reasonable price

About 30% less price compared to same quality trash pumps from other manufacturers. The most affordable price ever for the real Japanese quality.

•Excellent Japanese Quality

Provides powerful performance and long durability with New KOSHIN engine and enhanced pump. KTZ Series pumps are the absolute proper choice for the real professionals!

•Easy maintenance

Thoughtful flame for easy replacement of carburetor.

You can clear inside of pump by simply removing pump casing with only one tool.

September 2020. New High Pressure Pump Powered by Koshin Engine

We are pleased to announce new high pressure pump. SERV-50Z, high pressure pump powered by Koshin engine, has been launched.

Outstanding Features

• 90m Total Head, 480L/min Delivery Volume

• For Sprinkler, Fire Fighting and Irrigation

• Durable Cast Iron Impeller and Volute Casing

Koshin Catalog 2020

Hot news! The catalog 2020 in German has been created especially for you. Already available for download on our website

2020 May 20, SUPER SALE "222"

In May 2020, a summer price reduction program was launched for four pump models.

The name of the program SUPER SALE "222" means that during the 3 months of summer, prices will drop almost 2 times.

Let’s help the economy together!

October, 2017 Good By, Robin Waterpumps!

Subaru Corporation Ends Production and Sale of Industrial Products Robin-Subaru Including General-Purpose Engines, Water pumps and Generators.

This news shocked all power products OEM who are used Robin – Subaru engines to produce their motor pumps, portable generators, garden equipment and construction tools. Super quality Robin-Subaru small gasoline and diesel engines was the same like word wide famous manufacturers HONDA Motor Company, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Yanmar. Some of them also produce the wide range of self-priming water pumps with combustion engines. Many years they produced Robin Waterpumps brand, then Robin-Subaru Water pumps and finally simply SUBARU self-priming pumps for clear water and trash pumps with gasoline and diesel engines

In any case this is the chance to redistribute the world markets for the main leading water-pumps manufacturers from JAPAN like KOSHIN, Dai-Shin, Tsurumi pumps, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Yanmar and HONDA.

September 2016 YANMAR QUALITY

In may 2016, Subaru announced that they were withdrawing from the Power Products market and stopped producing the Robin diesel single-cylinder engine for Koshin diesel motor pumps.

September 2016, new 9 models long-lasting and powerful KOSHIN Diesel Pumps powered by Yanmar Diesel Engine was launched .

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of cooperation between Koshin Ltd. and EES GmbH!

The history of Koshin begins in post-war Japan in 1948, when The economy began to revive in the destroyed country and numerous brands appeared that symbolize Japanese quality: Subaru , Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Komatzu, Kawasaki..., dozens of great technical brands of the modern world. The most beautiful city in Japan ancient Kyoto became the birthplace of the world famous manufacturer the world’s toughest pumps Koshin Ltd. today is No. 1 in Global Market Share.

700,000 units sold in 160 countries. Made in Japan.

Company top message:

“We aim to make things easier and more convenient, solve the problems in the world with technology, offer a lifestyle of abundance and comfort, and contribute to a better social infrastructure.

We want to be a company that "offers new value created by ourselves through products and services needed by our customers."

With a foundation on pumps, our core technology that we have perfected for 70 years, we will aim our focus on value needed on the site or on the market. We will listen to the voice of customers and challenge ourselves to provide high quality, differentiated products and services appropriate for the country or work in which they are used, through premium Japanese technology and efficient craftsmanship”.

2016 marks 15 years of close cooperation between the EES GmbH team and Koshin. Initially, the main market was the CIS countries and received exclusive distribution to Russia. During this time, more than 70,000 Koshin motor pumps were sold and the brand became known in all corners of the vast territory of the CIS. In 2010, EES GmbH became the exclusive distributor for the German-speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Today, Koshin pumps are loved not only in Germany and Russia, but also in 160 countries around the world. The main areas of application of these legendary reliable pumps are construction sites , agricultural sector and fire fighting. Use for rent is also a highly profitable type of application of Koshin pumps . To further insure our valued customers that Koshin supports our products, we offer a 3-year limited warranty against manufactured defects.

2015 Yanmar Diesel Engine and Koshin Pabool pumps for Fire Fighting!

Koshin pabool pumps designed for agricultural proposes has re-created it’s HP Fire Series to be belt driving with different Yanmar Diesel Engines L48, L70, L100. This design was at the request of market to be able to use maximum KOSHIN self-priming pump RPM, to reach bigger pump’s pressure (head) and delivery, to reduce the vibrations and avoid the damaging the engine shaft.

Koshin pabool pumps live and operate in the extreme conditions. Sometimes customer need to use the very same sea water, they float on to fight spot fires. Because sea water is extremely corrosive and while replacing a pump is a relatively cheap maintenance fix for these shipping companies, the engine part of the equation isn’t.

For longer life of total pump set customers us robust Baseplate and Frame. This means that the client can simply slide out the pump on the pedestal, replace the wet end, and then simply bolt it back into place.

This means a quick changeover resulting in fewer labor costs, no need for new engines or frames. It’s very cheap solution and saves the owner over the long run good money. Especially if they have multiple units like these on the one ship.

2014 Safety without compromise! Pabool Pumps for fire fighting!

Pabool Pumps made by Koshin Japan Ltd. are designed for sprinkler System and General Irrigation in agriculture and garden water suppling. According their Pressure and Enhanced Durability the pabool selfpriming Koshin water pumps used usualy with different types of main motors like diesel , gasoline , kerosine and electrical motors. The robust water pump with high presure pabool pump KOSHIN powered by YANMAR single cylinder diesel was made specialy for firefighting propousals .

Espesialy new diesel firefighting machine became popular in marine aplication where owner requires minimal maintenance. Enhanced safety is a further key benefit of the Koshin pabool pump powered by diesel Yanmar engine due to the lower flammability of diesel fuel, an essential factor for shipping. Also this pump is attractive for oil and gas industry where the customers can avoid constant risk such as in potentially hazardous environments where fire. That is why our russian customer has approval for line-up of 4 types of KOSHIN water pumps with Yanmar and Lombardini diesel engines.

Approuval issued by Russian River Register RRR and Russian Maritime Register of Shipment RMRS.

KOSHIN Ltd. products in Austria

We are pleased to welcome a new partner in our family of distributos. From now on, the competent and friendly team of Franztech Mechatronics GmbH assumes the general import, sales and service of products from KOSHIN Ltd. in Austria. If you have questions about our products, please contact Franztech Mechatronik GmbH directly.

EES GmbH/KOSHIN Ltd. on METS2014

We are pleased to welcome you on 18-20 November 2014 on the world's largest trade show of the international marine leisure industry in Amsterdam. At our stand you can view the actual products of EES Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme GmbH and KOSHIN Ltd. for the marine & fishery. Visit us at the pavilion 11 stand 11.119.

Flood 2013: We help in flood fighting!

Faced with this disaster of the century we as an importer of water pumps and manufacturer of generators can not be complacent . For this reason we in cooperation with KOSHIN Ltd. have determined to help in the flood fighting. Following the call for help of the THW Göppingen we donate a pallet with various water pumps and generators to assist in the management of the flood 2013. A detailed report can be found shortly on the website of the THW Göppingen.

Bauma 2013

Our company EES GmbH together with KOSHIN Ltd, a famous Agriculture & Garden Japanese manufacturer of motor pumps and various pumps for Agriculture & Garden, Marine & Fishery, took part in the world's largest exhibition of construction equipment - Bauma 2013. This exhibition was already the thirtieth in a row and this year broke all records. Bauma is traditionally held in Munich. From 15 to 21 April this year, the territory of the exhibition pavilion was visited by a record number of visitors in the entire history of the exhibition - 530,000 people from 200 different countries. The number of foreign visitors was also an absolute record - about 200,000 or 40% of the total number. 3,420 manufacturers of construction machinery and components from 57 countries exhibited their products on a record area of 570,000 square meters. Koshin pumps powered by gasoline engines Honda, Robin (Subaru), Mitsubishi . These are 12 models of clear water pumps and 15 models of semi-Trash and Heavy duty Trash pumps. Submersible Koshin pumps for clean, residual and waste water with the durable and long life time impeller has a triple life compared with former product. Diesel generator 30 kW with the Belarusian engine MMZ is a new idea on the European market. The generator set was assembled in Germany by EES GmbH and can be used in a heavy condition together with a large number of Japanese-made Koshin submersible pumps. Energy-Erzeugung Systeme GmbH has been the official distributor of Koshin pumps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2010 and has in the stock in Berlin most of all range of Koshin Pumps and Koshin Products for Agriculture, Industry and Marine

Fascination bauma

bauma 2013 | 30th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment

Giant machines on 555,000 m² of exhibition space with 3,256 exhibitors and 420,170 visitors—bauma is the largest and perhaps the most impressive trade fair in the world. However, the undisputed leading inter national trade fair is also enthralling because it is so comprehensive. It features all sectors, all market leaders and plenty of innovations.

Visit us at the stand A6.507

15–21 April 2013, Munich

Mon–Fri: 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Saturday: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm
Sunday: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm


We thank you very much for visiting our stand at the METS 2012 in Amsterdam. We hope we were able to give you an idea of our extensive product range and our new products.
For questions about products please contact us.
You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9.00AM to 5.00PM.
Thank you for your interest in our products.

23. August 2012

EES GmbH/KOSHIN Ltd. on METS2012

We are pleased to welcome you on 13-15 November 2012 on the world's largest trade show of the international marine leisure industry in Amsterdam. At our stand you can view the actual products of KOSHIN Ltd. for the marine & fishery. Visit us at the German pavilion at stand 04.329.  

30. September 2011

We will starting to sell our products on Amazon next week. The first offered models are SEV-50X and SEV-80X. Gradually, the entire pallet will be integrated.

02. May 2011

Since this year, so-called E10 fuel will be sold on the German petrol station network. The new petrol E10 contains a maximum of 10 percent bioethanol instead of the usual 5 percent. According to the manufacturers, all 4 - stroke petrol engines from Honda, and all built after 2003 4 - stroke petrol engines of Robin (Subaru) will be operated with this fuel. Currently we have no information from Mitsubishi about E10 compatibility.

5. April 2010

Koshin Distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Since April 1st 2010 it’s official. World leading Japanese pump manufacturer Koshin Ltd. has assigned all distributions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland to EES  Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme GmbH. President Tsutomu Kohara signed all relevant documents on April 1st 2010.

With immediate effect EES  Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme GmbH has taken over distribution and service. This also affects all existing Koshin products on the market. They may also be handled by the EES Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme GmbH. Repairs and spare part services are being handled by our facility in Berlin.

We are looking forward to countless possibilities and opportunities. A future orientated strategy of two strong partners.  

 Koshin ltd. Certificate

70th anniversary KOSHIN Ltd.

President Tsumomu Kohara noted the leading role of EES Energie-Erzeugung Systeme GmbH in the Koshin engine driven water pumps sales in Russia, the CIS and German markets. He was delighted with the rapid growth in sales of motor pumps Koshin powered by HONDA, Robin-Subaru and Mitsubishi engines and congratulated European distributors on the 70th anniversary of the Koshin Ltd:

Top brand loved in 160 countries.

In 1948, Koshin Ltd was founded in the ancient city Kyoto, Japan.

Since then Koshin has been striving for manufacture of products applied for agricultures, construction, industrial, marine and household.

One of the main product is "Hidels Pump" which is evaluated for portability, lightness and high quality, is used in 160 countries and counts around 30% global market share.

International exhibition "Fire safety and protection equipment 2008".

Our Russian dealers took an active part in the international exhibition "Fire safety and protection equipment 2008". KOSHIN Ltd Japan presented a new product -a high-pressure motor pump SERM-50V with a Mitsubishi gasoline engine.

This Koshin High Pressure Pumps is Number 1 in the choice for application like high-quality durable firefighting pump . Firemen can use any water: lake, swimming pool, river, pond to put out flames at long distances. Koshin high-pressure pumps have the reliability you need for pivate use: mountains agro, farm, or house with no access to hydrants. The most interesting is delivery the huge amount water to the long distance on the horizontal service up to 800 meters.

2008 The exhibition Spoga&Gafa

The exhibition spoga+gafa 2008 reflects the latest trends in landscape art and presents a variety of products for outdoor recreation. The event determines the current state of the industry market and largely determines its development.

The geography of participants of the event is quite wide – from the main players of the European market to representatives of island States, the number of which exceeds two thousand. The world leader in the production of motor pumps is the Japanese company KOSHIN Ltd. together with EES GmbH, they demonstrate new and expanded product lines of KOSHIN pump based on HONDA, MITSUBISHI, ROBIN-SUBARU engines.

Techntology and Quality

2008 Koshin pumps are firm Techntology and Quality because the thorough integrated system for production from raw material to finished product.

To be a market water pump lider Koshin Japan in 2008 completed the implementation of 3 main stages of production:

-In-house production for main parts including metallic mold for pump case, volute case and impeller

-24-Hours operation by robots for frame, suction flange and flange bracket

-flexible production line system for various Koshin products.

2007 «Perpetuum Mobile Ltd» from Russia and «Dirty Boy» from KOSHIN Ltd. made in Japan

Congratulations to our client from Russia the company with super name «Perpetuum Mobile Ltd» with an unprecedented result in the history of the sale of motor pumps Koshin for dirty waters transfer. Some thousands of Koshin Trash Pumps was sold in few monthes becouse:

•Excellent Seal Durability

Conventional mechanical seal using carbon ceramic is replaced by silicon carbide (SiC) seal. SiC seal is developed by Koshin and Koshin Ltd. is the first manufacturer to use such durable material in Japan.

•Thoughtful Design

Special plug designed on impeller allows easy removal.

Simply insert any rod and twist to separate Impeller from its Casing.

No special tool required. This is Koshin Ltd. know-how in the motor pumps production.

•Light Weight & Compact Design

Conventional trash pumps are very bulky and heavy, some more than 100 kg in weight. KTR-100X, the largest of all, weights only 81 kg. The compact design KTH with HONDA engines and KTM with Mitsubishi engines also take up smaller space and are portable like KTR with Robin single cilinder gasoline engine.

•High Self-priming Performance

Special structure is designed to ensure high capacity self-priming performance for pumps with 2, 3 and 4 inch outlet. All Koshin Trash Pumps give excellent performance and durability.

Our Russians Koshin colleges has not only a life-affirming company name, but also a brilliant attractive liflets.

2006 From now KOSHIN Japan Ltd. has a new factory in Thailand.

The main KOSHIN facilities is situated in Japan with production of Hidels pump, Trash pumps, Submersible pumps, High-Pressure Pumps, Diesel pumps, Backpack sprayers, Fill pumps, Drum pumps, Battery winches and Chemical pumps.

Additionaly to Koshin pumps «made in Japan « will be produced a big quantity of Hidels pumps, Submersible pumps and Semi-trush pumps «made in Thailand» with Japanese quality.

Japanese High-quality KOSHIN Pumps and KOSHIN products is delivered to all over the worid !!! The main KOSHIN distributor in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia is EES GmbH.

Koshin Catalogue 2020


You can download our Koshin catalogue as PDF. Koshin catalogue »
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